Mandatory Meal Plan Academic Year 2021-2022

Meal Plans on both Campuses

  • Meal Plans on campus will be managed and operated by Aramark, Concordia University’s contracted Food Supplier, who works closely with Concordia’s Food Services, to provide you with a complete Meal Plan program that includes a variety of menus to create a positive campus dining experience.

  Academic Year 2021-2022: Meal Plans Dates

Meal Plans begin on September 1st, 2021 and end on May 2nd, 2022.

Dining Hall – Fall Semester Starts:

September 1st, 2021 (at dinner service)

Dining Hall – Fall Semester Ends:

December 22nd, 2021(following lunch service)

Meal Plan Services are not provided during the period of December 23rd, 2021 through January 1st, 2022.


Dining Hall – Winter Semester Starts:

January 2nd, 2022 (at dinner service)

Dining Hall – Winter Semester Ends:

May 2nd, 2022 (following lunch service)

Cost of Meal Plans for Students in Residence

  • The meal plan cost for fall and winter 2021-22 sessions is $4,975 in total and covers the provision of meals taken at your designated residence, that is either the Grey Nun’s Residence or the Loyola Campus Buzz Bistro.

  Hours of Service for 2021-2022

Service hours at each of the GN Residence and Loyola Campus (The Buzz Café) will be Monday through Sunday as follows:

  • Breakfast: 7:30 AM – 10:00 AM
  • Lunch: 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Dinner: 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

It is important to note that the Deli stations on both campuses will remain open throughout the day and food options at these stations will be available between

10 :00 AM – 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM.  In addition, Brunch will be available Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 AM till 2:00 PM.

Meal Plan Owners

  • Meal plans are solely for individual consumption by the Meal Plan Owner who has accepted the Terms and Conditions of the present Agreement.


  • University Student ID Cards are activated, and the magnetic swipe holds information about your Meal Plan and Dining Dollars.


  • A Meal Plan Owner cannot transfer/share his/her Student ID/Meal Plan Card. Purchases for fellow students, friends, family or guests are not permitted

Student ID/Meal Plan Card

  • The Student ID/Meal Plan Card is the student’s access in order to enter the student’s designated dining hall at Food Service Facilities.


  • It is mandatory for you to present your card at the designated control point to the dedicated Aramark Representative. The Aramark Representative will verify that the card is valid and that the photo ID confirms your identity, before the card is swiped. If your identity cannot be confirmed, Aramark reserves the right to deny access.
  • If the system is offline your card information will be recorded manually. Once the system is back online, all activities and purchases will be updated to your card.

Showing up Without Your Card

  • In the event that you present yourself to the Dining Hall without your card, you will be required to pay debit or credit for the meal – no exceptions.


  • Save your receipt, and you will be refunded upon presentation of your card if the receipt is presented within 48 hours of payment.

Dining Halls

  • On both the Sir George Williams (Grey Nuns Dining Hall) and Loyola Campus (Buzz Bistro), you can return to the all-you-care-to-eat food stations as often as you like during each of breakfast, lunch and dinner hours of service.
  • Students on a Meal Plan can expect the following dining options to be available to them at each of the residences as per the calendar outlined in article 2 of this Agreement.
  • Breakfast (made-to-order)
  • Deli, pizza and salads made to-order on a rotating basis
  • Soups and Hot/cold beverages available all day
  • Home Zone (3 choices daily) based on a 4-week cyclical menu.
  • Access to each of the Dining Halls is restricted to resident students. However, Residence Life Staff and/or Aramark staff assigned to each Dining Hall can eat in the Dining Hall.
  • No school bags/carry-on bags and/or coats will be allowed in the GN Dining Hall.


  • Dishes, cutlery, glasses or other dining hall serving equipment is not permitted to leave the dining hall.


  • In the event of a pandemic situation; designated municipal, provincial and/or federal requirements; and/or situations that can prove to be detrimental to the health and safety of our guests, Aramark reserves the right to replace and/or limit all reusable cutlery, dishware or glassware for disposable formats.
  • In the event of extenuating scheduling conflicts that inhibit students from eating in the dining hall during meal service times (example: late classes), a meal take-out solution will be available. In such circumstances, the student will need to pre-order the meal. Meal options from the Home Zone would be provided. This will be done on a case-by-case basis. An official request with a proof of course scheduling conflict with the dining hall hours of service must be presented to Aramark in order to obtain this service.


  • In-dining consumption only is permissible, with the exception of take-out for one (1) of the following three (3) items only: choice of 1 hot beverage OR 1 fruit OR 1 dry snack. In the event that the seating at the dining halls is not available due to health and safety concerns related to COVID-19, the students will be allowed a take-out meal. In such circumstances, Aramark and Concordia University will ensure a formal communication to explain the process and protocols that must be respected. For any take-out dining, the student understands and agrees to the following condition:

You hereby acknowledge and agree to assume any risk associated with any take-out of all food/beverages from the Dining Halls. Furthermore, you agree to indemnify, release, waiver, discharge, hold harmless and covenant not to sue the University or the Food Service Provider, their respective affiliates, officers, directors, employees and agents (collectively the “Protected Persons”) from and against all actions, suits, claims, demands, losses, costs, charges, damages and expenses incurred, sustained or claimed, including reasonable legal fees, arising out of or resulting from claims or actions for bodily injury, accident, or illness, including death and property damage or other injury or damages arising either directly or indirectly from any and all food/beverage products provided by the Food Service Provider or University under these Terms and Conditions.

Refund Policy

  • All unused Meal Plans are non-refundable, and the value of unused Meal Plans shall be lost if funds remain unused by a student on or before May 2nd, 2022. There will be no carry over of any unused Meal Plan amounts. The only exception is if a student formally confirms their withdrawal from Concordia University or no longer lives in residence. In such circumstances, Aramark will calculate the prorated amount of the Meal Plan and will reimburse the student as per the following guidelines:



Fall Semester 2021 Deadline Withdrawal Notice: November 1st, 2021

For the Fall Semester:

If Concordia University’s Residence Life confirms withdrawal from residence by the student on or before November 1st, 2021, Aramark will refund the student the prorated value of the Meal Plan for the Fall 2021 semester and the Winter 2022 semester if the Meal Plan payment for the Winter Semester has been received by Aramark, minus a $150 Administrative Fee.


If notification of student withdrawal from residence by Concordia University is after November 1st, 2021, Aramark will not refund the balance of the Fall semester, but will pay back the value of the Meal Plan covering the Winter Semester if such payment has been received by Aramark, minus a $150 Administrative Fee.

Winter Semester Deadline Withdrawal Notice: March 1st, 2022


For the Winter Semester:

If Concordia University’s Residence Life confirms withdrawal from residence by the student on or before March 1st, 2022, Aramark will refund the student the prorated days for the Winter 2022, minus a $150 Administrative Fee.


No refund will be paid by Aramark after March 1st, 2022.


  • Should Concordia University be required to close the Residence as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the student is thereby required to leave the Residence before the end of the lease period, the student will receive a refund equal to the prorated Meal Plan value as of the deadline date set by Concordia University for the student to leave the Residence.

Lost, Misplaced, or Damaged ID Card?

  • Your card is valuable. Protect it as you would a credit card or signed cheque.


  • You must report any lost/stolen card immediately to the Food Service Provider.


  • Once reported, your card will be deactivated, preventing unauthorized use, until a new one is provided.

Sales Taxes

As at the date hereof GST and QST are not charged upon purchase of a Meal Plan. If at a later date it is determined that GST and/or QST were payable at the time of purchase, or that any other taxes become a legal requirement in the province of Québec, the student must pay any and all applicable taxes for any Meal Plan that you have purchased.


By purchasing a Meal Plan, you acknowledge having read, understood and agreed to abide by these Student Meal Plan Terms and Conditions.

Allergies and Special Dietary Needs

Prior to making the decision to live on campus on a Meal Plan, it is strongly advised that students with allergies and/or food intolerances consult with our registered dietitian at . This consultation will include:

  1. an assessment of dietary specific needs;
  2. Aramark’s ability to accommodate same; and
  3. the selection of a preliminary menu plan with alternatives where possible.


The Meal Plan is mandatory for all students living in Residence and there shall be no exceptions.

Please ensure to consult with Aramark's registered dietitian to make a decision that is best for you.


By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you hereby acknowledge and accept full responsibility for self-identifying any food related allergies, intolerances or restrictions that would affect your dining experience with us, and more importantly, your safety and well-being. Individuals have responsibilities when it comes to self-management of food allergies. Any self-identified or diagnosed allergies, intolerances or restrictions should be reported to our registered dietitian prior to purchasing the mandatory resident meal plan to verify if our dining facilities are able to accommodate your dietary needs. Concordia Food Services does not have allergen-free facilities. We cannot guarantee that food prepared in our dining hall has not become cross-contaminated with allergens. Failure to consult with our registered dietitian prior to purchasing the mandatory resident meal plan, given any self-identified or diagnosed allergies, intolerances or restrictions may result in a less than optimal dining experience arising from dietary needs being unmet. The Food Service Provider and the University are thus exempt from any responsibility to explicitly accommodate a previously unidentified allergy, intolerance or restriction